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With the world’s leading green garden, culture and art, comfort, health and mobile Internet as the core, to provide and operate green, cultural, art, technological, comfortable and healthy products and lifestyles.

The High-end Residence Industry

  • Riverside West Park

    An Epic of Architecture, A Model of Human Habitat: The project has Vancouver, one of the World’s Most Livable Cities, as its source of environmental index.

    Riverside Group created Riverside West Park through exquisite techniques with humanistic care.

  • Riverside East Park

    Riverside East Park is located in Beijing CBD, where the city’s economic, technological and cultural forces are concentrated here.

    With millions of square meters of natural landscape, this project created an inimitable ecological building cluster, which was unprecedented and surpassed all.

  • Riverside Central Park

    Riverside Central Park is located in the 3rd East Ring Road CBD, in the heart of the collectable central area.

    The project boldly adopts innovative urban gardening techniques to create an urban fairyland for human habitation where “every hill is a world, every stream is a paradise”.

  • Riverside LAVIE

    The total floor space is nearly 300,000 m2. The green coverage rate is as high as about 40%. The design of project garden matches the French style architectures.

    Riverside LAVIE creates a high-class landscape ecological residential district with the integration of the nature and the humanity.

  • Riverside Baroque Palace

    The Largest Baroque Building Group in Beijing: Riverside Baroque Palace’s total floor space is 200,000 m2. It’s an urban complex that integrates Grade-A office buildings,

    serviced apartments, international commercial streets and aggregative houses into one.

  • Riverside Fortune Ocean

    Riverside Fortune Ocean has Yangxin Lake as its center. The 9 British neoclassical buildings built around the lake have a total floor space of 118,000 m2.

    Setting independent club with catering, entertainment and sporting and recreational facilities, it really realizes the functions like reception, recreation and entertainment, etc.