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Riverside Themed Town takes “Business and entertainment are everywhere” as design programme and build 8 business formats: entertainment and recreation, coaster vacation, business, health care, living and real estate, eco-leisure, culture and art and housing, providing happy, scientific, convenient, eco and healthy life style.

Five Products

  • Tourism town network

    Tourism town network

    With tourism as the advantageous industry, villages and towns as the core units will be linked with tourist attractions, so as to form a diversified tourist channel, build a greater tourist network, and achieve the innovative mode with regional integration, cultural tourism, and common development and sharing.
  • Riverside theme tourist resort

    Riverside theme tourist resort

    Relying on the waters, hills, theme towns, and tourism attractions in certain areas, it will follow the philosophy of harmony and balance, so as to build an integrated development mode that will provide a full experience and a well-equipped tourism destination.
  • Theme parks

    Theme parks

    Relying on the featured scenic spots such as the national park, it will gather the world-class theme park brands and create an international resort that combines recreation, leisure, culture and innovation, health maintenance, and vacation, so as to impel the linkage of the regional tourism economy.
  • Cultural tourism themed towns

    Cultural tourism themed towns

    A new development mode will be created based on the towns besides waters with characteristics for cultural tourism that combine theme commercial entertainment, culture and innovation, performance, leisure, and health maintenance in satellite towns. It will be based on the convenient transportation system (subway and monorail) and natural scenes as well as the resources from the world-class theme park brands.
  • All-day metropolitan recreation complex

    All-day metropolitan recreation complex

    The all-season and all-day recreation complex for all ages will be built in the core urban areas, based on the convenient transportation system and the outdoor corridor and consisting of the multi-functional venues and theme towns that provide large-scale theme recreation, sports and fitness, culture, innovation and performance, commercial entertainment, and featured catering services.

Riverside Theme Park

  • Zhejiang Riverside Themed Town

    Zhejiang Riverside Themed Town centers on the first global flagship amusement park of Six Flags and integrates multiple world-class cultural travel brands.

    It is devoted to build an integrated world-class cultural-tourism resort and set an example for cultural tourism industry.